when you Foots Love it just feels better

I saw these in Yoga Class and had to try them.  I am so Glad I did ! These did cure my Arch Pain and I would recommend them to anyone who suffered as I did.  Thanks Foots Love

-Angela P

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I feel like we got a lot of bang for our buck on this product. Several styles of toe separators for less than you pay for 1 style in other brands. While some of the styles seem like maybe they wouldn’t stand the test of time and wear, the blue toe separators have, and there are others to “play with” as well. All in all I felt like we got a good deal and would recommend this purchase.
Joshua D.

Wow! I rarely write a review for anything but I must say, I am Extremely satisfied with this purchase. Being in the service industry and being on my feet 6-10 hours a shift my feet would be aching and just killing me. As soon I put these on you could really feel the difference. I don’t wear all the time, mostly when I get home or when I wake up in the morning as a recovery and relief. I’m definitely going to be sharing this with my co-workers.
Bob S.

Great help for someone who’s been to 5 different doctors several times stating I have cuboid syndrome plantar fasciitis tarsol tunnle but can’t do anything about the problem besides prescribe pills these low cost supports have helped more then shots or pills in a weeks time very thankful for these
Sara  P.

Having broken a small toe decades ago with no major issues, I thought all was well. However, with age that toe developed from just having a corn (not attractive, but no big deal), into an incredibly painful hammer toe, I needed a more effective treatment than homemade painful splints. This product has done well, with only 3 once-a-week 15 minute sessions I can now walk marathons again, pain-free.
E. Mellignton